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"Yes a flower shop but with a difference they have flowers in pots 'to go' which is handy when your green fingers do not extend more than pointing at a pretty green thing and say that will do. Knowing that the choice will be much appreciated.

I bought those tiny little daffodil flowers in a pot which were about to flower as a gift for someone getting over an 'op'. Great gift as the hospital does not need to look for a vase and you can bring them home with you when you are allowed to leave the hospital.

They had a great selection to choose from and yes they do deliver."

"Greene's of Monkstown are a great florists and, judging by my visit, they appear to do something of a roaring trade. They've been in the business for fifteen years, so I'm not too far off the mark anyway. The interior is that of a place that takes flowers seriously, with trellised walls, flowers and leafy plants abounding, and that palpable, lush smell of freshly cut plant matter.

They cater for all events demanding flowers, like weddings, and some that I wasn't previously aware of that demand flowers, like office and corporate events. Apparently nothing says 'Good job closing that O' Keefe account, Jones ' like a dozen red roses and if that gets you fired in some sort of inappropriate conduct debacle, I hear nothing says 'hire me' like a hand-tied country garden bouquet."

"It's just a flowershop... isn't it? Well, yes and no. I have rarely gone into a shop and laughed so much, the owners are great, light hearted and welcoming.

The stock is not the usual florists stuff... it is a little more exotic, a little classier and probably a bit more expensive. Well, ya gs what ya pays for I guess!"